Hit points / Flesh & Grit

Hit points are split between Flesh and Grit:

  • Grit is your “not getting hit-points”, and is equal to your HD + Constitution modifier / level (up to 9).
  • Flesh is the measure of how much damage your body can take, and is equal to the character’s level (up to 9) -1 + one HD + Constitution modifier.
  • Damage is dealt to Grit first, and Flesh second, unless:
    • taking a critical hit (at 0 Grit, double the damage rolled)
    • being surprised
    • being specifically told so (traps, falling, etc., when it makes sense)
  • Characters get a serious wound when they take damage to flesh that is either equal to half their maximum flesh value or the maximum natural damage of the weapon dealing it, and when taking damage would put them at 0 Flesh or less. When taking a serious wound, roll on death and dismemberment table. Being at 0 Flesh is worse than the first two conditions.
  • If you take a serious wound you lose all Grit you may have (may happen due to a critical hit or the like), and risk getting an infection (Constitution check).
  • If you do not have any serious wounds, you may rest for a turn to regain a number of Grit rolled on your class Hit Die.
  • Flesh damage can only be healed by magic and long-term treatment.

Combat options

  • Instead of Parry, Defensive and Press, we’re using Reckless/Defensive attacks: you can take a bonus to either attack or AC until the start of your next round by taking a penalty equal to double that on the other option.
  • Charge -2 AC, double damage on a hit.
  • Gambit roll two dice for attack to try something interesting; if both rolls hit, you succeed; if only one hits, you don’t. If both fail, you fumble.
  • Two-handing medium weapons can – and great weapons must – be two-handed. This adds your Strength bonus to damage in addition to hit rolls.
  • Dual wielding as a single attack, roll the damage dice for both weapons. Take the higher result of the two, unless the results are equal – doubles let you deal damage equal to the total of the rolls.


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