Basic things

Core rules as LotFP, so ascending AC with a base value of 12, old-school ability bonus distribution, X-in-6-skills, silver standard, etc. – if something is not adressed here, assume vanilla Lamentations.

Most of these are being used in one form or another, added here as I get to mess with them properly.

  • Notches are a thing, with minor modifications.
  • Flesh & Grit are a thing, with minor modifications. (Basic structure from Wold Packs & Winter Snow)
  • Might as well use Hard & Fast AB, since it’s on the character sheet.
  • Weapon tags are a thing, pretty much as-is.


  • Magic-users work kind of like Logan’s Maleficar, with some adjustments. Mishap tables are subject to change, but the severity of effects and the body horror will be mostly there – just editing out some of the pseudosexual and grimderp stuff.
  • In the same vein, Mystics replace Clerics. Original homebrew can be found here.
  • Fighters advance more or less like this, to not be boring. Tables will be adjusted, since damage multipliers and some other effects don’t really work with Flesh and Grit.
  • Specialist may use this for advancement? (To be as interesting to level up as fighters are.)
  • Playing an Alice is totally cool. (see: a Red and Pleasant Land)
  • Demihumans need to be fiddled with, if I’m allowing them at all. There are some interesting ideas to build upon, but haven’t decided on the specifics yet.


  • Spell research according to this, but the roll is 3d6+caster level vs. 3d6+(spell level*2)-1 (essentially, as the default caster level required for the spell slot of that level)


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